Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care

Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care – is natural cosmetics from a popular cosmetology and dermatology doctor from Russia (Moscow), Andrey Novikov.

Novikov M.D. thoroughly studied his client’s demands and knows what components inside a cosmetology cream are the most effective and give fastest results. Novikov M.D. wished that his patients would continue taking care of their skin at home and would receive best care after procedures at his clinic. In his opinion, continuous care is the best method to prolong skin beauty, health and skin youth.

Due to his care of his patients he decided to create these author cosmetics.

Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care cosmetics use only high quality ingredients from Russia and Europe. The creams do not contain any ingredients harmful to skin.

Advantages of IDEAL BALANCE SKIN CARE cosmetics:

Natural Products
Maximum quality of natural components
You will feel aesthetical effect after the first use
Pleasant prices
Affordable prices for high quality natural products
Product Quality
IDEAL BALANCE SKIN CARE brand cosmetics is made in Serbia at the pharmaceutical company „Stojanović Pharm“ d.o.o.

Product quality at „Stojanović Pharm“ d.o.o. is confirmed by international standards: GMP, ISO 22716:2007 i ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP, ISO 9000).

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Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care brand cosmetic products are based on Siberian pine nut oil.

The author of the cosmetics, Russian dermatologist doctor Andrej Novikov, is certain that these products are one of the best treatment to maintain beauty and health of your skin.

Pine nuts oil has high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins (А, В, Е, D, F), amino acids (14), and other microelements. Pine nuts oil is a natural component that positively effects your skin and protects it.

Another important and highly beneficial component of Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care brand products is low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which provides great results in sustaining skin moisture balance and its youth.

All components in Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care products have an ideal composition and are balanced by the author in order to achieve maximal aesthetical result.

High concentration of specially selected active components of the cream, and the synergy between them, allows to initiate renewal of inner skin processes and improve skin structure and tone.

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First cream of Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care cosmetics product line is cream Univerzalna Baza №1. This cream can replace many others. It is an all-in-one solution. It is a day cream, night feeding cream, protection cream against environmental factors, a cream against pigmentation, a healing cream for problematic skin, and also a cream for very dry hand skin.

You can use this cream for treating any skin areas that require moisturizing, feeding or removing light pigmentation.

You can find out more about products on our Facebook page here.

We are confident that after trying out creams from our Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care cosmetics brand and evaluating its quality, you will become our long-term friends and will be glad to recommend it to your friends.

We will be very glad, if you send us your feedback and wishes to our email:


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“The creme is simply fantastic.  Surely and thoroughly it tightens and renews the skin.”

Dragana Drindić

“It’s great!”

Gordana Milovac

“I concur that it is excellent! Me (48) and my daughter (13) use it… truly universal!”

Biljana Gavrilović

“The cream is fantastic!”

Saška Voković

“The cream performed excellently for me, it even whitens the skin a bit, i just ordered for more of it. I fully recommend it!”

Svetlana Miljutinović

“It is known that Russian herbal creams are excellent. I can confirm it from my experience.”

Liljana Tomošević

“Koristim ovu kremu i vrlo sam zadovoljna. Stvarno je UNIVERZALNA! I use this cream and i’m very satisfied. It is truly UNIVERSAL!”

Olga Gajić

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Andrej G. Novikov

Medical degree from the Russian State Medical University (Moscow). Completed practical clinical сresidency training at the Central Dermatovenerologic Research Institute at the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation specializing in «skin and venereal diseases” with a certificate in dermatovenereology.

Then, a practical training period in Israel, accustomizing with new technologies in skin formations treatment, and an international preparation course for lecturing methods about homotoxicology in Kurhaus, Baden-Baden (Germany). Participated in the expert tour from the FIJIE Beauty Institute of the scince-production center at CAREGEN concern (Seoul, South Korea), world leader in researching growth factors and developing biochemical peptides. Also participated via an invitation in a limited format meeting in UK with leading specialists from Allergan company discussing aesthetical medical practice for the Botox product. Completed a training course in Paris about dissection for cosmetology doctors. Participants of the course included Dr. Fabio Ingallina (Italy) and Dr. Fahd Benslimane (Marocco).

Novikov M.D. is a regular participant in science and practice conferences, symposiums, meetings, and seminars in Russia and abroad.

Novikov M.D. has more than 70 publications in science magazines, compilations of science works and in mass media. He is the author of “The role of ultrasound research in diagnostics and therapy of basal-cellular skin cancer”. He is a regular guest at themed TV and radio shows.

He owns patents for a basal-cellular skin cancer treatment method, for a skin defects changes control system, and for a facial skin defects changes control system and the corresponding equipment. Vast experience in diagnostics and treatment of skin diseases, genecological infections, and in skin formations removal methods. He is a specialist in contour plastics and in use of botuloxine containing products for aestethical medicine. He has experience in leading medicla clinics in Moscow. Founder and owner of AMD Clinic (Moscow, Russia).

doctor Andrej Novikov

Andrej G. Novikov,

M. D. Dermatovenerologist, dermatologist, dermatooncologist, doctor of the highest category
– member of the American Academy of Dermatology (Russia),
– member of the National Alliance of Dermatologists and Cosmetologists (Russia),
– National Society of Mesotherapy and the Union of Aesthetic Medicine Specialists (Russia)
– member of the Interregional Public Organization of Botulinotherapy Experts.

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Dear Friends!

At the moment you can purchase Dr. NOVIKOV Ideal Skin Care brand cosmetics in Beograd and Novi Sad in Serbia, and in Moscow and other region in Russia.

Office of the company “RU INNOVTRADE”
Novosadskog Sajma 29, Novi Sad
tel: 021/301-80-84;

Places where you can buy our cosmetics:

Locations in Novi Sad:

Novi Sad, Healthy Food “BioPark”
PJ Hadži Ruvimova 58.
tel: 060/60-50-011

Novi Sad, Healthy Food “SIMIN BIODUĆAN”
Janka Čmelika 23
tel: 063/75-11-623

Novi Sad, Healthy Food “BIO ZRNCE”:

“Bio Zrnce” – 1

Bul. Oslobođenja 36
tel: 021/6333-405

“Bio Zrnce” – 2

Bul. Oslobođenja 73
tel: 021/423-066

“Bio Zrnce” -3

Nikole Pašića 35
tel: 021/6611-464

“Bio Zrnce” -4

Pasterova 28
tel: 021/300-3363

“Bio Zrnce” -5

Jožefa Marcoka 1
tel: 021/3012-983

Novi Sad, Cosmetics Salon “Sofija”
Slovačka 26.
tel: 021/505-805

Novi Sad, Beauty Salon “Valika”
Fruškogorska 15.
tel: 021/63-50-511

Novi Sad, Beauty Salon “Kompletna”,
Bulevar Slobodana Jovanovića 34
tel: 061/657-8192

Novi Sad, Cosmetics shop “ART LINE SYSTEM – PARFIMERIJA”
Novosadskog Sajma 25
tel: 021/ 511 000


Locations in Beograd:

Belgrade, “Mala ruska apoteka”

Vojvode Stepe 347 b.
tel: 011/24-66-871;

Belgrade, Russian pharmacy “Kapilar”
Vatroslava Lisinskog 19, kod SUPa 29.
tel: 011/3293-210

Pilota Mihaila Petrovića 70


1. Prima 1
Nemanjina 2
tel: 011 3610 999

2. Prima 2
Vidikovac, Pilota Mihaila Petrovića 70
tel: 011-234-6619

3. Prima 3
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 82
tel: 011-3085-583

4. Prima 8
Pożeška 81 B
tel: 011-3547-141

5. Prima Zarkovo 2
Ratka Mitrovića 121
tel: 011-2393-923

Belgrade,  ” ZU FARMA PRIMA”
Neznanog Junaka 4 a


1. Prima New Belgrade
Milutina Milankovića 68 a
tel: 011/311-0432

2. Prima 7 Žira
Ruzveltova 33
tel: 011/3313-258

3. Prima 9
Francuska 24

4. Prima Dedinje
Dedinje, Neznanog Junaka 4 a

5. Prima Terazije
Terazije, Dragoslava Jovanovića 1
tel: 011/3232-312

6. Prima Banovo Brdo 2
Petra Martinovića 33
tel: 064/889-8111

Belgrade, “Cortex Labs” doo:

1.  Bio Apoteka Primed 1
Vojvode Stepe 120 lokal 2
tel; 011/3912-431

2. Bio Apoteka Primed 2
Jurija Gagarina 151 G, lokal 10, T.C. Piramida
tel: 011/216-80-73

3. Bio Apoteka Primed 3
Knez Mihailova 21 A, lokal 52, T.C. Milenium
tel: 011/3288-948

4. Bio Apoteka Primed 4
Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 83, lokal 4/3
tel: 060/580-780

Belgrade,  Healthy Food “Maslinio Plus”
Obrenovac, Vojvode Mišića 195
tel: 011/872-2689

Belgrade, Healthy Food “Ozon”
Terazije, Kralja Milana 8
tel: 011/246-4381

Belgrade, Cosmetics shop “Neroli Bg”
Belgrade, Vojvode Stepe 183
tel: 063/656-143

Belgrade, Healthy Food “Mango Bio Centar”
Belgrade, Kamenička 1, Zeleni Venac
tel: 011/362-1609

Locations in Prokuplje:

Prokuplje, “Zdravlje” herbal pharmacy
Prokuplje, Milena Jovanovića 2
tel: 027/324-108

You can also contact us via our webstore on  our facebook page at:

or email:

Contact phone:

tel:  062/854-62-31






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